Elephant House Auction

This world saw many good and interesting auctions, it depends what type of auction you like. However, there are auctions called “Elephant Auctions”, and they are giving a good time to everyone who decides to participate in them. Famous Elephant House Auction is well known for huge interests by a lot of people.


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Elephant House Auctions

Some of you heard some of you didn’t hear about this auction, but interesting fact about Elephant House Auctions is that most of the people wait a few hours outside, just to be able to participate. Although there is a problem with a number of people who are waiting, more than 150 buyers are trying to pay at once some of the quality items. When I say quality items, I mean old, new, historic, house, and many other types of items.

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Everyone can participate with the same amount of money in the beginning, but as the auction goes on, the price is rising until only one person stands with a high offer. At the entrance, every participant gets own number, and if a participant wins some auction, their number be written on the list, right next to the sold item. The last auction was cute interesting, especially because Oskar Figures and many good old items from the 1900s were in Klicke hier.

The auctions

Large Standing Anubis Figure

However, Large Standing Anubis Figure was the most expensive product. Moreover, auction in November was one of the most expensive auctions, because of the Trade Stimulators and One Arm Bandit products. Some of them were sold for more than $4,000. Other interesting items were old phones, guitars from 1977, etc. It is important to say that Elephant House Auctions are cash-n-carry auctions, and auction of every product starts with a price of little more than one dollar.

Next, to the casual auctions, there are auctions where all items are associated with something same. The great example of that is “Auction of Horrors”, and most of the items are looking very scary. On that type of auction, you can find coffins, coffin handles, guillotine, vampire killing kit, and many other items. For Rock-n-Roll Retro, Americana, and Jukeboxes, there are special auctions for those types of items once in a while.